Each month we create new Handmade Soaps, bath Bombs, Body Scrubs and Salt Soaks that you can choose from which can either be picked up in store or mailed right to your front door. This gives our customers the opportunity to create a sanctuary at home to relax or just to get familiar using new products with minimal ingredients that are not harmful to the body and organs. Each of our handmade products have unique purpose to aid in healing the body from toxins or to add to the body what may be lacking in your daily routine. We use natural ingredients such as coconut oil, local honey, cinnamon, essential oil, coffee grounds, activated charcoal and the list goes on. We have several packages to chose from that may be beneficial for each person specifically. 

Monthly Package & Pricing

Stand Alone Soap Kit: $10.99 (Includes 2 bars of Handmade Soap)

Double Up Kit: $15.99 (Includes 2 bars of soap & 2 Bath Bombs)

Total Spa Kit: $22.99 (Includes 2 bars of soap, 2 Bath Bombs, Small Jar of Scrub,1 Milk Jar Salt Soak)