My Personal Picks For Jacksonville's Best Health Conscious Providers:

1. Chiropractor & Nutrimost Wellness & Weight Loss

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 Dr. Zack Stalnaker started treating my family when my son was 3 months old 6 years ago because of digestion issues he was having from an early age. He has helped us all maintain optimum health by the care and passion he has for his patients, as well as his drive to bring wellness to each person he comes in contact with. Our families have become friends over time and the genuine people they all are shows the dedication there is to caring for each person he meets. I have found each encounter to be not only positive because of his joy for life, but I feel he uses each session to educate on a higher level to bring an awareness to the importance of health. Check him out for future appointments on the link below.

2. Crossfit Coach & Advocare 

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Nikki Graham started out as a client, then becoming a genuine supporter of a shared vision we have with helping people. She is a strong, energetic yet highly motivating person who is able to get you going when you really need it. We have worked together with wellness events in our community to inspire people to get moving and eating clean. I believe in her and her business so if you need someone great to coach you to your fitness goals, she and her crossfit community are people to hit the gym with. check out her link below.

3. Accupuncture

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Jamie Catlett has built an incredible reputation in the wellness arena here in Jacksonville along with partnering up with some women's health specialists to aid in reproductive health. Although she is known for her fertility knowledge, she has a wide range of patients she helps with on a daily basis. I have had the privilege of not only being friends with her, but have also been a patient at times when my body may not be tuned up completely. She is always in the know about wellness, so being able to hear her education in her career is not only interesting, but helpful. Check out her practice below.

4. Pediatric Integrative Doctor

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