Steven Nsubuga

                                                                     Founder of New Creation Children's Care Center

New Creation Children’s Care-Center  is a centre for vulnerable children namely; street kids, orphans Children from poor families. This organization was founded in 2010 by Steven Nsubuga who was also a street kid. It was formed with the following major objectives to support and encourage orphans, plus help school drop outs to achieve the best level of education they can. This also aides in the reduction of the number of homeless Children living on the Streets of Uganda by giving them a new future through parental care [Fatherhood and Motherhood]. We call this one Family whereby all the Children can feel belongings as we show them love. To provide wholesome care in the form of Shelter, Food, and good Education to 300 Children in Uganda and make a Center self sustainable through income generating projects…The target group of this project is orphans, abandoned street Children and other disadvantaged Children. In Uganda the number of orphaned children is estimated more than 2.5 Millions .Aids, Road accident and sicknesses like Malaria, Tuberculosis and meningitis are the main cause of death. The average mortality rate is 46 years. This means that often (Small) Children are left as orphans. These Children have no resource and no social support. The rising number of Orphans put a heavy pressure on the extended families who are getting overwhelmed rates of Child poverty .School drop-out and the early marriage of girls have also in some areas ,and provide a source of interregional transmission of poverty. Another reason of the high number of orphans is the common use of polygamy and lack of family planning: A man can have several wives and be a father of more than 15 children. When he dies all the 15 children become fatherless. When a husband of 4 or 6 wives dies because of AIDS, he may leave 30 children fatherless. In a period ranging from between 6 to 24 months, his wives also die. So you find all those 30 children are total orphans. Other needy children are those from very poor families. People produce many children whom they can’t care for. It is very common to find a child out of school, having no food or clothes, and yet the parents are alive, but they go through the same problems also or worse because they can be terminally sick, or alcoholics. Please stand with us to make a difference in Uganda

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