Organic Coconut Soap


This vegan bar is made from certified organic coconut oil and creamy organic coconut milk. Not that stuff in a can with all of that other stuff mixed in with it. This is fresh coconut milk, made in my kitchen from fresh coconuts. I didn't pick them but, I would have if coconut trees grew near me. Or maybe not, because apparently a conk on the head from a falling coconut can kill you. And urban legend has it that 150 people die each year from death by coconut. Try it ...and I think you'll agree, this soap is killer.

I accidentally stumbled upon a formula to make the most luxurious coconut oil soap ,that is not a bit drying at all. The amount of lather you can work up will amaze you. There are no essential oils or fragrances added, just good clean, sweet smelling soap.

You will receive 1 – 4 oz Death by Coconut Organic Soap

Ingredients: Saponified Organic Coconut Oil. Organic Coconut Milk