Thyme & Lemongrass 2oz Stick


Thyme & Lemongrass Primal Pit Paste™ Deodorant Stick is an all-natural deodorant that actually works! Swipe away your stink with this convenient, easy-to-carry stick.

  • Neutralize body odor without plugging your pores with aluminum
  • Get long lasting pit protection for the gym or workplace
  • Clean finish so your pits feel fresh and light
  • Handcrafted with 100% real, natural, and organic ingredients, including organic beeswax
  • Jam-packed with natural goodness so you'll be stink-free for all yAll Primal Pit Paste products are made with love, cruelty-free, and contain NO BAD STUFF. We guarantee all products are:
    • No Harsh Chemicals
      No Harsh Chemicals
    • Aluminum Free
      Aluminum Free
    • Paraben Free
      Paraben Free
    • Synthetic Fragrance Free
      Synthetic Fragrance Free
    • Gluten Free
      Gluten Free
    • Propylene Glycol Free
      Propylene Glycol Free
    • Cruelty Free
      Cruelty Free